the services we offer to our clients

Store & Breeding Sheep and Cattle

The primary product we offer is in helping our clients sell all shapes and sizes of cattle and sheep for further finishing and breeding.  We have outlets for everything from a calf still on milk to overage cattle .  We make every effort to view each batch in person, then contact suitable buyers from our extensive database built up over the years.  A relatively recent addition to our sales arsenal, has been our social media presence, adding value by advertising throughout the UK and Northern Ireland.


All In Spec prime stock is marketed to the Dunbia Group. They require large quantities of prime cattle , cast cows , prime lamb and cast ewes daily . Our service is to use our experience to offer your animals for sale under optimum conditions, making the entire process seamless therefore saving you time and maximizing your returns.

Out of Spec , Casualty Animals and Rare breeds

Another speciality service provided is to organise sales of animals such as cast bulls, livestock moved under a self-declaration licence to a local abattoir and rare breeds to order.  This trade usually involves smaller lots transported on person. 


Qualified as a Fellow of the Institute of Auctioneer’s and Appraisers in Scotland, typical valuations are conducted at “way go” , in – house end of year ( eg large estates /banks ) and a variety of other purposes. More Recent work originated within the land Reform Act (2016) , assisting Landlords and Tennent’s agree their ” waygo amnesty”.


Helping the next generation of farmers gain access to land and finance, set against the needs of the current generation to retire with comfort and dignity is always a delicate balance, sometimes even within the same family unit.  We offer a confidential “safe space” combined with practical ideas to aid the process.